Who’s Using Dispatch?

These are some projects and companies that have used Dispatch. Are you using Dispatch? Fork this page on github.


Dispatch forms the foundation of an in-house SOAP client at Novus together with scalaxb. Thanks to these tools our standard response to “Can you do SOAP?” is “Bring it on!” instead of “Ew, what’s this on my shoe?!”


In a past life, maxaf wrote an internal baseball stats REST API client that was used to feed data into some very grueling PDF generation code. Dispatch was used to cleanly produce HTTP requests & parse responses without hurting engineer morale.


conscript uses Dispatch to fetch program descriptors from github.


giter8 uses Dispatch to fetch templates from github.


kiln2rally uses Dispatch along with lift-json to hit Rally’s awesome web API.


The posterous-sbt plugin uses Dispatch to publish project release notes.


Unfiltered uses Dispatch in its system tests.

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