URLs and Paths

Hosts are defined with the :/ verb. It should remind you (a little) of the characters that come before hosts in URLs.

import dispatch._
val sl = :/("www.scala-lang.org")

This value sl is a request to the root path of the Scala home domain. What if we want some sub-path of it? There’s an obvious verb for that: /

val learnScala = sl / "node" / "1305"

Now we have a reference to a page (the “Learning Scala” page actually), and sl is unchanged.

Request definitions such as these are immutable; by appending a path to one you are creating a new request object, similar to string concatenation in Java. If we don’t need to use the host for different requests, we would probably have defined this all at once:

val learnScala2 = :/("www.scala-lang.org") / "node" / "1305"

But—can’t you define this with its actual URL? Of course!

val learnScala3 = url("http://www.scala-lang.org/node/1305")

The url verb is also imported from the dispatch package and it produces a request object like the others. It is most useful when dealing with URLs stored externally, or discovered at runtime. For fixed requests in your application code, building up from host and path components is usually preferred as it lends itself to reuse.

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