TagSoup is a SAX-compliant parser, that parses HTML instead of well formed XML. TagSoup is very resilient, allowing you to load HTML as found in the wild, to be processed as a scala NodeSeq.

Example Usage

To process the response with TagSoup you first have to make the handler verbs available. This can be done in several ways.

import dispatch.tagsoup.TagSoupHttp._

Now we can use the operators </>, tagsouped and as_tagsouped in our handlers. If we want to find the title of a HTML page it can look something like this.

import dispatch.tagsoup.TagSoupHttp._

val title = Http(:/("example.org") </> { ns =>
              (ns \ "title").text

TagSoup let’s you work with the HTML as a scala.xml.NodeSeq and as a convenience you can use as_tagsouped to retrieve it.

val ns = Http(:/("example.com") as_tagsouped)
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