Lift-JSON is developed and supported by the Lift framework. These are some basic instructions for using it with Dispatch.

Example Usage

Using Lift-JSON is very similar to using Dispatch’s internal JSON representation. As always, start by importing the main Dispatch methods.

import dispatch._

But instead of importing the internal JSON methods, import Dispatch’s interface to lift-json:

import dispatch.liftjson.Js._

We will now be able to use the ># operator in our handlers. For example, if we wanted to search for scala podcasts, we might use something like

import net.liftweb.json.JsonAST._

val http = new Http()
val u = url("") <<? Map("q" -> "scala")
http(u ># { json => 
  (json \ "title" children) flatMap( _ match {
    case JField("title", JString(d)) => Some(d)
    case JString(d) => Some(d)
    case _ => None

This script starts by importing lift’s JSON values (for pattern matching) and then creates the http executor and the gpodder url. We then execute with a handler which accepts a lift JValue and returns a list of the podcast titles. Simple, no?

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